Window Treatment Ideas

From Spoak member @lillianmcveigh:*

hi friends! looking to crowdsource some feedback on potential window treatments. attached below is a picture of my living room windows. i’m leaning more toward roman shades but have also been considering drapery. a few things to bear in mind:

  • the only thing with drapery that I’m not loving is that the window all the way to the left has the radiator underneath it which obviously means i’d have to get a shorter window drape if I went that route for that window alone.
  • I’m all about keeping these windows fully exposed given the view of the park across the street with a lot of greenery. (I have cellular shades right now but those are purely for blocking south-east sun in AM.

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“Is the wall curved or is the photo just appear that way? My first thought is to do one long rod across the whole wall and do drapes to the floor in between each window and at the ends. It would make it almost appear to be one huge window and the radiator won’t affect it since the drapes will just be on the sides of the radiator. Could be very elegant!” — Carina Miranda

“I’m with the roman shades 100%. I think roman shades can nicely tie in the wall space without taking away from the view. Not sure what your overall style is, but I always have an affinity for wooden/ woven roman shades. (print screen below). If you are looking for fabric options, you can source fabric and have a company like the Shade Store make them for you (esp if you don’t have standard window sizing and need something custom).” — @selenawyant