Feedback on Office

*From Spoak member @selenawyant:

Hey friends…Asking for a little input for my office. I’ve been in my office for over 3 yrs and its taking me this long to “ground down” some realistic creative ideas from the ethers. I am painting the wall behind my desk (accent wall). Below is a vizi rendition of what I am creating (and actual wall photo). However, I am encountering some analysis paralysis with my recessed window (see wall/window photo). Do I paint it with the same accent wall color (BM Old Country) and add some wireless sconces (brass likely), or leave it alone and just add the sconces. I was leaning towards painting (maybe with a thin stripe similar to accent wall but is that too much??) . I have looked at this too long, I have now confused myself. Open to suggestions / opinions!

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“Hi Selena! I love your color scheme and that is such a great window! I would find a window seat cushion with some texture that pulls in colors from the rest of the room. If you don’t want to go that way, or in addition to, it would be fun to paint the inside an accent color. Maybe even do a wavy border around the outside like here. Of course, that is a personal style choice!” — Kate Seymour

“Hey Selena, what about painting the window space a different color altogether and adding sconces like you mentioned (to tie in the brown tones)? Maybe like a tan or taupe. Just a thought!” — Summer Quino