What to do with space above cabinets?

Hi friends!

We are in the very early stages of a full kitchen renovation and I’m looking for opinions on what to do with the space above our cabinets.
Currently, there’s a soffit over the upper cabinets and we’ve been told we’re ok to remove it if we want. I’m definitely leaning towards removing it but then that’s where I get hung up. Do we just get tall custom cabinets that go all the way up? (I will literally never touch anything on a top shelf) or do I just put the uppers at a regular height? With that, what do I do with that extra space above them? I honestly have no idea lol
I’m sure my mom would lend me some of the roosters and plates she used to keep as above cabinet decor in the 90’s but I think I speak for us all when I say “no thank you”.

What do you think/recommend?! :pray:

Since you don’t need the storage per se, I think it depends a bit on your habits. An open shelf on the top could be styled in fun ways, but it also is a major dust and grime collector. If you are the type to dust and clean on the regular, then that might be OK for you. If not, I would take the cabinets all the way up. Worst case, they remain empty but you could certainly store more seasonal items or things you don’t use often like the better china, etc.

IMO, there really are only three options for what to do with space above kitchen cabinets…

  1. Take the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. If you are replacing the cabinets anyway, this is definitely the most “safe” option.
  2. Keep the space above the cabinets and style it (but agree with @kateseymour this just lends itself to dust). Do you have a collection of candle stick holders or statement glassware? That could look great!
  3. No uppers!! No kitchen uppers is definitely a luxury, but I highly recommend this option if you can add storage elsewhere. In my kitchen, we opted for a single ledge/shelf that runs the whole length of my kitchen and added full length wall cabinets (floor to ceiling) in another part of the kitchen to make up for the storage.