Living room + office advice needed

Hi, please help me organise this living room as I have run out of ideas.

I wfh so have a big desk that I would like to keep exactly where it is as having the right view is important for my work. This sofa though :disappointed: I bought it online tempted by crazy clearance (never buy a couch you have not seen in person!) it’s much bulkier than I thought it would be.

How would you rearrange all these pieces to make the space feel less cramped?

Hi Katy :wave: Do you happen to have a floor plan of this room or a few more photos to show the other angles? Also, are you attached to keeping all of the furniture in here or do you have wiggle room to swap some items out? I have some ideas depending on your response.

P.S. Happy holidays!!

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I agree knowing how much space is between the island, I assume, and the living/office would help. Other options: have you tried removing the legs of the sofa? The height/scale might be the issue. Also a large piece of art behind the tv would help draw up the eye since the blue is so much of a contrast to the rest of the room. Depending on your taste in the art, I would also switch the drapes with a light filtering fabric in a coordinating color to the art, and finally add a rug to the living space. Like this: Spoak

Love how an extra splash of color makes the space feel so different!

Can your TV be mounted? I’m wondering if the media cabinet can actually be moved behind the sofa, almost as a divider of sorts. With some legs, maybe it would give it enough height? Then you’d gain some extra space between the pieces of furniture. You could even create a gallery wall around the TV once it’s mounted!