Help with kitchen color

Hi all! We are moving into our new house soon and I’d like to tackle the kitchen ASAP. My budget is limited so we’re just looking to paint the cabinets and maybe change the backsplash. Floor and counters stay. I feel like the counters clash with the floors and I’m having trouble finding a color for the cabinets that works. I would Ideally like a color (probably blue or green) for the lowers and white/cream for the uppers. Any idea about how how to pick a color that works?

(Also we are replacing that terrible ceiling light don’t worry!)

How exciting! I love a blue/white kitchen cabinet combo. Personally, that kitchen color combo is all over my pinterest feed.

My advice for picking colors would definitely be to try and see how the two colors interact with each other, and interact in your space. Would you want a stark white paired with dark blue, or could you opt for a light blue on the top cabinets that may appear as a soft white in your space? Definitely hold swatches together next to your countertops to see how the lighting and countertops reflecting in your space may change the appearance the colors have on each other.