What is the most comfortable couch?

I’ve sat on my fair share of uncomfortable couches but I want to hear about your very favorite comfy couch!

I feel like we so often see the beautiful structured sofas in living room inspo pictures and finished designs and I think it can sometimes be hard to find a truly comfortable couch that is also aesthetically pleasing. Full transparency I’m absolutely drawn to the vibe of mid-century sofas, but I just have a hard time believing that they’re actually any kind of comfy!

We all know the BIG, COMFY, cloud-like sectionals from Restoration Hardware, but is it possible to get the luxe comfort like that with a more structured sofa? And what about in smaller spaces? I feel like those beautiful, plush cushion couches are meant to be in more dramatic and grand living spaces.

Is a sectional sofa with a chaise so that you can kick your feet up the best bet for comfort? Are extra deep sofas more comfortable than a more shallow seat? I’ve had a West Elm Harmony Sofa with extra deep seats (47”!) for ages and it is super soft and comfy but sometimes I think maybe the seat depth is too much and we end up stacking multiple back cushions to make up for it. It’s also SO low profile sometimes it’s a little hard to stand up after a long sit. :sweat_smile:

On that note, are some upholstery options better for comfort than others? Velvet? Boucle? Leather?! (I swear the comfiest sofa I ever sat on was an old worn down leather couch!) Maybe it doesn’t matter as long as it’s high-quality?

To make this even more of a fun challenge, any budget friendly options? Or are you going to have to pay a little more to find the perfect blend of comfort and aesthetic?

What do you as a design lover look for when shopping for the best sofa for lounging?

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I totally agree with worn in leather couches being the comfiest! I feel like when they are worn in they also aren’t sticky leather? A nice deep seat, comfy, sunk in leather seat is my dream.

I also think it’s important that the cushions are connected if that makes sense? I had a decently comfy leather couch from Article but it had 3 single cushions and it was so plush that you almost would fall in between the cracks of the cushion if you weren’t fully centered on one. It was definitely cozy and high quality but maybe needed those years of breaking in so you could have that deep seat.

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For something like a couch or bed, I’m all about the splurge bc we spend so much time on it and want to have it for many years. I bought a Maiden Home sofa last year and it is of great quality and looks stunning! I do recommend!

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@lillianmcveigh I just checked out Maiden Home’s website! So many beautiful options! :heart_eyes: Which sofa did you get?

I also have the West Elm Harmony sectional and looooove it! I used to have a stylish slim studio couch but honestly it wasn’t all that comfortable and was quite narrow, so I went to the full opposite end of the spectrum for a something deep and cozy. I’m so glad I got it!

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Ok I have the Togo couch (the Ligne Roset one) and I have a very complicated review/thoughts. I think it’s very comfortable to sit in for short periods of time – it’s particularly wonderful for hosting, particularly for conversation (something about being low to the ground inspires more honest convo IMO) BUT it is extremely uncomfortable to a) sit on for long periods of time (the back sort of curves in a “C” shape which really hurts your back after awhile) or b) lie down on (because the couch has intentional butt/seat divots, when you lay horizontal, it’s uneven underneath you and feels awful). i’d be remiss not to add that it’s an exceptional couch for kids: easy to clean, easy to climb on, safe to fall from, and a great way to engage with them when they’re on the floor.

all this to say: i recommend it if it’s going in a lounge/cocktail/hosting/play area, but not at all for TV watching / snuggling / as your primary cozy couch.