Anabei sofa reviews

I’ve been seeing these Anabei sofas pop up a ton on my feeds- I really like the vibes/price but I’m wondering if it’s too good to be true? Has anyone here tried them?

I have decided not to recommend them to clients, at least until they have been around a while longer, just based on my research. The reviews I’ve seen on forums (example) has not been great and their policy about covering the frame only and not the cushions or covers is odd to me. My favorite sofa/seating brand right now is Sabai. Not because I won their design contest (my prize is still sitting in storage until our house is built), but I have ordered for a client who loves it, all the reviews seem to reflect the same things ie not too hard, not too soft, easy to put together, sturdy and long-lasting, etc., plus you can replace literally any part, get expansion kits, are sustainable, priced well, and they have great customer service which I rarely say about a brand who only provides service via email but I’m old-school like that. I only wish they had more fabric options, but they do still have a good range to choose from.

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Thanks Kate! That’s super helpful! That forum definitely seems to have some tea :eyes:

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I have not had experience with the Anabei line, but I do have experience with their sister company Chicory who created an outdoor version of the Anabei sofa that I’m seeing ads for everywhere too.

Anabei and Chicory are owned by Inside Weather, which also owns these other sofa brands Jackfruit and Diorama, and storage brands NUMI and Sillou. (Suppppper interesting business and marketing model, they basically spin up a new brand name for a new product).

That all said, I have had a great experience with our Chicory outdoor sofa. Last summer we splurged on an outdoor sectional and boy was it worth it. The sofa is incredibly comfortable, it was easy to put together, and is modular (just like the Anabei). The cushion covers are 100% washable, which I was really skeptical about but I washed them at the end of the season and they look brand new after a whole summer being outdoors and in the rain. 10/10 would recommend. Hopefully Anabei is the same!

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