Sleeper Sofa Recs

Looking for a sleeper sofa for our basement but honestly I can’t find any options that aren’t over $3-4k. Looking to spend more like $1-2k. I don’t need it to be a sectional sleeper, but something that would be a full size. Does anyone know any companies that they have purchased or know are good for sleepers?

Even open to twin double wide sleepers.

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have you considered a murphy cabinet bed like this one I’ve yet to come across a sofa bed that is actually comfortable, but with the cabinets you can get one of those nice inflatable mattresses

I’m on the same search! I feel like I’ve looked at every sleeper sofa on the market. I’ve narrowed it down to Joybird and Interior Define. Both are having President’s Day sales so I ordered some swatches and am hoping to make a decision soon. Would appreciate any feedback on either brand if anyone has experience!

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I actually work for Joy Bird and would love to assist you in finding a sleeper sofa! Our Briar Sleeper is our most popular option and is on the showroom floor in Austin, Texas if you happen to be near or live in Texas. Let me know if you have any other questions!