Can anyone identify this sofa set?

I have a client who is obsessed with this sofa set with chaise and has asked me to find it. I’ve used the ye ol’ Google image search but so many people have reposted on Pinterest I’m getting a big goose egg. I know the sofas are pretty generic regarding style, so even if I can find the chaise it would be great!

Can you drop a link or attach a photo? I’m not seeing it here! If there’s one thing I know our community loves, it’s a good product chase!! @howardcordray and I were just doing this yesterday :laughing:

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opps I thought I put the link in, updated

Love me a sleuth mission. @kateseymour it’s Ikea :no_mouth:!

KIVIK Chaise, Tresund light beige - IKEA My guess is it’s been reupholstered. I’ve had a lot of success using Bemz and Norse Maison in the past to recover Ikea furniture.

This is the source of the photo. She reveals the chaise source as Ikea in the comments of this post.

Thank you - I never would have guessed that!

This is the post where the designer reveals it’s Ikea. It’s in Swedish, so you’ll need to translate :slight_smile: My Style Mia on Instagram: "Då har man utökat kuddfamiljen ytterligare med en randig liten vän. De har ju faktiskt gått en hel vecka sedan mitt senaste köp 🙄Nån mer som gillar kuddar?"

Thanks the link was blending in :woman_facepalming: got it!

I found one at Crate and Barrel too!

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Thank you! It is a little different but a good option if she doesn’t want to wait for slipcovers.