Recommendation for sofa/sectional sofa with storage

Hey there - does anyone have any recs for sectionals or sofas with storage underneath? The ones I’m finding seem to be on the lower end quality-wise.

The Enzo sectional from West Elm has built in storage. Also the JÄTTEBO sofa from IKEA. The reviews on the IKEA site are mixed, but I actually saw in an Apartment Therapy article that Jeremiah Brent has this sofa in his home!! I was looking at reviews on TikTok and everyone has great things to say. It looks super sleek.

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I had the IKEA Finnala sofa with storage in a previous life with a Bemz cover. It did the trick. The fill was on the firmer side, so it was a good occasional sofa, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend as an everyday option.

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Thank you for your recommendations!

Thanks for the details, I get so confused by IKEA b/c their reviews are always so-so but they have such a cult following lol