Wallpaper Questions P2

Hi all - back again with another wallpaper question. Feel free to tell me I’m crazy. We are planning on taking the wallpaper and covering a bi-fold door. I’ve noticed a lot of the regular doors that are “hidden” with wallpaper take the baseboard across the door itself like in this example. Do you think that would work on a bi-fold? Door will have four panels. Alternatively, I considered just wallpapering the baseboard that connects to the door but this space connects to other areas so that might look odd…

Hey @kateseymour ! Great question!

I personally like the detail of adding baseboard to the doors for a true hidden effect. That said, adding baseboard will only work nicely for a bifold if the baseboard sides of the bifold fold out. If they are in the inside of the fold, then the baseboard will prevent the bifold from closing all the way.

If you can’t add baseboard, I would still just wallpaper to the line of the baseboard and paint the bottom of the bifold door to match the baseboards on each side.

Alternatively, you can wallpaper the doors fully and not continue the baseboard color on the doors. It would look something like this: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/472948398359469815/

I think it’s really personal preference for you and the client! Hope this helps!

When you say fold out only what do you mean? I’ve only ever seen bi-folds go one way like this KIBY Paneled Wood Unfinished Bi-Fold Door | Wayfair - so just making sure I understand!

@isalyn just tagging you in case you didn’t see my last question :blush:

Yes! Assuming the wall you want to wallpaper is on the “outside” of the bifold (folding towards you), you shouldnt have an issue applying baseboard molding to it!

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Thank you!!!