Gallery Wall Breaking My Brain

Hi all - I’m hoping someone can look at this and tell me what I’m missing. Don’t usually have issues with gallery walls but this particular one is a head scratcher. The biggest struggle is that the client would like to incorporate these black and white prints by an artist near their hometown in Mexico, but they are also color maximillists and we need to mix things together. I did these two mock-ups, one that doesn’t have the B&W prints (thinking I could maybe but the B&W in the adjoining room) and one that mixes them. I’d like to mix, but I think the one piece on the bottom with all the colors is off (?) - I just can’t seem to find the missing piece. Thoughts? Spoak

Hey @kateseymour ! I loooove all these prints! I always mix black and white with color in my own gallery walls and one way I’ve found to seamlessly mix the two is to frame some or all of the colorful art with black and white frames so it echos the black and white art.

Here’s how I would mix these pieces! Might be too long and narrow for the room, but I do love an uneven stack gallery wall layout.

This looks great but yeah, they are going above a sofa and they only have 8’ ceilings. We also have electric for sconces so was trying to go more horizontal. Thank you for reassuring me haha sometimes it’s hard working by yourself, for yourself, especially once you spend too much time looking at one thing lol. Do you think this would look good going the other direction?

The beauty of gallery wall is anything goes! I like @isalyn’s recommendation but I like your layout (the one on the right) more. I would substitute the blue flower art with the one at the bottom of the left layout in your link. Hope this helps!

I see it, I’ll let them decide which one since I know they really want to incorporate that B&W art