RH Cloud Couch & Mario Bellini Sofa


I want your thoughts on a design project I’m working on. My client already owns a lot of great pieces that we’re re-styling in a new (smaller) space.

She owns a gray RH cloud L-shaped sectional and a gray modular Mario Bellini sofa which can be broken up into two chairs and an ottoman, etc.

She doesn’t want to part with either. Do you think they can co-exist?

I can kind of picture it working, but am I crazy?

Let me know your thoughts!

Aesthetically I can personally picture the two living in the same room! But those Mario Bellini sofa seats are so much larger than they seem. I split mine up and was so surprised by the depth of the chair! How big is the space? What’s the other furniture look like in there?

I can kind of see it too!! Can you send pics of the space or a mock up of what you’re thinking?