Feedback on Floor Plan for Living Room | Buying First Home!

Hi everyone! I want to optimize the space in my first home; however, where the hallway is and where the doorway into the dining/kitchen area are located makes this difficult as some different walls are offset. I measured the rooms and came up with these two ideas. We currently have 1 couch and 2 accent chairs in our current living room, so I went with that!

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Or this one!

Congrats on your first home! Are you planning on adding other furnishings? Do you like to entertain? Which side is your entryway? Both of these leave a lot of dead space.

Thank you so much!

Yes, certainly. I was struggling with so much dead space! The entry way is on the bottom right (the front door). I thought about also splitting it up and having a dining table where the two windows are to help with space? The kitchen area is very small and I wasn’t sure if a small round would fit. This is a photo of the kitchen area!

Congrats Lexi!! So exciting to furnish your first home.

I prefer option 1, but like the idea of either having both arm chairs side by side angled slightly toward one another by the two windows with a side table between (a little reading or cocktail nook of sorts) OR removing the two arm chairs from this room and using the space by the two windows for a dining table, as you suggested (in which case, I’d go rectangular and not round).

It’s hard to picture exactly – I’d love to see the floor plan with more annotations for what the other rooms are through the doorways and maybe I can be more helpful :slight_smile:

I would recommend listing out the things you want and then looking at the spaces together. Kinda play around with different configurations until you find something that checks the most boxes. I don’t think either of the ones you came up with are the one and you certainly have space for a couple of areas and maybe even to create a drop zone for your entryway. I do a lot of space plans and even I would have to play around a bit and have more context to know the best way for you.