DESIGN TIPS for new space!

I am looking for design tips/color scheme ideas for my new space. I’m not the biggest fan of the flooring… mostly because I haven’t worked with this color of wood before, but it’s a rental so it will do. I attached some photos of the space I have. I don’t know what types of wooden furniture to use that won’t clash and also aligns with my style. It’s 1500 square feet so there’s a lot of space to fill. If you have any ideas, I am seriously all ears. :blush: also please share any tips of finding affordable furniture!!!

Hi Maddy! I have this same sort of vinyl flooring in my apartment too. When I moved in with the white walls it was all so grey and I was really worried it would clash for me too but it really hasn’t. But there is a bit of reddish undertone to it too. I found mid-tone paint colors to work really well in the space and warmed the space up with tans, corals, and mustards to bring out that brownish undertone in the floor. I like to mix my woods so I have some warm oak and also darker brown shades as well for furniture. What’s your design style?

Congrats on the new space @maddywright! I love the arch details! Echoing @deandracadet’s question - what’s your typical design style or the style you want to achieve in the space?

I definitely think you can work with the floor color, it seems neutral enough that most colors won’t clash. The floors look like they have grey and red undertones. In terms of wood tones that would complement, white washed or grey washed woods could work or darker woods like a walnut or ebony. I’d avoid cherry or orange-toned woods.

In terms of a color scheme, I think you can definitely get away with deeper beige, tans or even browns if you like darker walls. If you want color, I’d go for teal blue (De Nimes from Farrow & Ball is a favorite).

Thank you for sharing this!!! This gives me peace of mind. My current floors are historic/warm so I’m just not used to working with these new floors! It’s helpful to know what colors have warmed up the space for you and created a more tasteful atmosphere. My design style really gives and takes, I love Spanish and I love Mediterranean but I do currently lean towards Scandinavian. Hay design is one of my favorite stores for example. But I love it all it’s hard to choose!

Thank you so much for this, it is genuinely so helpful. 🩷 so I love a lot of different styles currently, I haven’t super locked into one yet but I love Spanish/Mediterranean but I’ve been leaning into Scandinavian styles a bit more. I love HAY Design and stores similar that tastefully incorporate color. :blush: