Ideal vacation rental experience?

If you went to stay in your ideal airbnb, would you want all the rooms to have cohesive colors and wall art like in a well designed house? If each room had a different theme, would it be fun or distasteful? To clarify, the furniture and colors are mostly cohesive but the theme and colors of the wall art is drastically different. I did that in one airbnb and people seem to like it but I am designing another 3 bedroom townhouse and struggling with keeping it cohesive because I have so many ideas. Example: Moodboard for bedroom 1 -

Moodboard for 2nd bedroom

3rd moodboard

(the aubergine paneling is supposed to be just behind the bed, not the whole cabinet thing)
Constructive criticism is welcome.

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I personally love when homes have different themes/colors throughout the house! Especially if it tells some sort of a story or has a reasoning behind it. For example, in my cabin we’re all about color and each room has a different palette. The living room is the butter room (yellow), the bathroom is watermelon (pink and green), the guest room is the avocado (green), and the kitchen is confetti (a combo of everything together). It sounds like chaos as I describe it, but it feels cohesive when you’re in the space. I also really leaned into what I wanted the rooms to actually feel like, and that was a big driving force to picking the colors. Lean into it!

I’m sure there will be opposing opinions as it’s all personal preference :slight_smile: With Airbnbs and rentals though, I do think the storytelling element is so important to me as a guest. I love experiencing the design process during the stay.