Excess Tile - What to Do?

My client changed her mind about expensive Cle Tile in the laundry room. Then Popham Design sent the wrong tile (!) and said to just keep it because it’s too expensive to ship back across the country. So now I am stuck with so much expensive tile! I have tried Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to try to recoup some money for my client but have not had success. Are there any more niche design markets for this kind of thing? It’s only 46 sq ft of each tile (Cle Federal Blue 2x10 subway and Popham Design Emerald/Milk Arch) but I still feel bad about the waste. Help!

Hi Alanna!
I read about unbuilt.co in a blog recently! It looks like their minimum square footage for tile is 20 sq ft to list!
I couldn’t find any info about how it would work with shipping etc on their website (they’re based in CA so offer pickup/drop off) so not sure if this is a great rec for nyc but maybe worth an email to find out! :sweat_smile:

Ohhh thank you so much! Love this idea and we need similar in NYC!