Help with quoting out large new build design project!

Would love some input on pricing out one of my largest projects to date. I am being asked by a friend to help with the design of their first model home in my hometown that will serve as the blueprint of all the other homes they build. Keep in mind these are $1.7million dollar homes in Kentucky. They are also 4,000 square feet.

I don’t know my exact scope of work yet, however, I do know they will be needing my help in choosing flooring, paint, kitchen countertops, and lighting (I’m assuming it all)? Currently, we have not discussed staging furniture so I’m gonna leave that out of this equation. I have never done this before so I would love your opinion/advice on whether I should quote this out as hourly, flat fee, retainer, or combo.

When I look up rates currently it says $5-$12 per sq ft. Even if I went middle of the road this would be a $24k quote which is just so scary to me having never charged above $4k for a project. This is also a friend so maybe that is playing into my hesitation. Another element of this quote is that since it’s a model home its highly likely that I would need to choose 2-3 options of flooring, cabinets, etc for them to offer to people building a home with them. If that’s the case how would I even charge for that? Almost like an additional options package. Please help :laughing:

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Hello. My husband owns his own remodel business and I help with design if he customer wants it. I just finished up a condo for a friend. That entailed designing each space, some small projects like putting in a drink bar, etc, as as well as furnishing the entire condo (1 level). I charged by the hour for my work and my husband charged by the project for any “construction” work he did. But, we wanted a 2nd eye on our own home project which was a kitchen remodel. That company wanted to charge us a flat fee for this. So, you could always charge a flat fee per room. You don’t want to slight yourself shy though. In my opinion, I would charge hourly.

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