The Tile Shop reviews

Has anyone ever purchased from Tile Shop? If so, how was the quality/experience?

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Yes! I just ordered from The Tile Shop for the first time for my primary bathroom remodel. I got these for my shower tiles - Tribeca Gypsum White Porcelain Wall Tile - 2.5 x 10 in. - The Tile Shop. They have not been installed yet, will report back.

Quality is probably hit or miss depending on the style and material of tile you are looking for since they definitely cater to a more budget client. They have a great selection of marble at a great price point. And I’m very happy with the quality of the porcelain tiles we are going with (they are manufactured but have a glaze that makes them look more handmade). I would put them a step above a Home Depot or Lowes.

I ordered samples off the website (they offer free samples for trade pros), but if you live near a Tile Shop showroom/store, I highly recommend popping into one in person. They pretty much have every tile they carry on display in their showrooms. I regret not going to the showroom sooner. Their website can be a bit glitchy, but I’ve had a great experience working with their showroom team. The sales rep was able to special order a grout color for me that had been discontinued on the website but was in stock at a different store.

Pro Tip - The Tile Shop offers delivery to their stores for free if you are able to go pickup your order (I spent $400 just in freight charges for my shower tiles to get delivered).

And lastly, what I really like about them is they let you return tile you don’t use with zero restocking fees! This is generally unheard of in the tile biz. You just have to drive it back to the store. I was able to return some trim pieces we didn’t end up needing. And plan to return any boxes of overage from our shower project.


Yes, gotta love no restocking fees! I haven’t ordered from them yet, but the service at least for trade is great. I also did a ton of research on them before even presenting options to the client and they have a really good reputation. They have a wide range of quality, but that’s no different than any of the other tile resellers out there.

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My husband owns his own remodel company. We originally steered away from The Tile Shop due to their high pricing, but after some time and comparing their tiles with places like Floor & Door and other home stores, we realized that their tiles are actually very high quality, hence the higher pricing. In particular I’m referring to the tiles that come with a mesh backing. The backing is much better than most other stores (sturdier, not so flimsy, and just made better for smaller cuts). If you’re doing a bathroom shower floor, for instance, and you pick a tile with the mesh backing, I guarantee you’ll have an easier time cutting them the way you need them then using a similar tile from somewhere else. That’s not to say the other stores don’t have good tiles, they definitely do, just look to The Tile Shop for their higher quality tiles, great in-store design help if needed, and they offer a commission cut for every client you bring in on their order (speaking from the contractor side of things).

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