Cle Tile reviews

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Has anyone worked with cle tile before? working on a bathroom remodel and about to design the entire room around some floor tile I can’t get out of my head. Samples are $45 (bc of course I need to have one from their limited edition artist collection) but I’m so scared to pull the trigger. It would help to know if they have excellent service/quality irl.

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I’ve used their concrete tiles and they looked amazing, great quality, only thing is concrete tiles can get this dusty look depending on if they are sealed and where they are used. The brand does say you don’t have to seal them but I think that depends on where they are installed — @carinamiranda

Those are beautiful! This lady made them herself! — @kateseymour

Yes, I’ve worked with them. Their cement tiles are amazing but I agree they are not going to have the perfectly clean look like a ceramic or porcelain tile would. It’s a tile that you have to seal at least 1x per year and you have to be OK with it looking worn after awhile and accept that that is the nature of the material. Sort of like how marble would develop a patina over time. With that said, this is a gorgeous tile and this material has a patina and quality that you just can’t replicate easily with another material. — Hila Sabin

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@katealbee now that you’re in here, I can tag you and ask how the bathroom renovation is going! :smiley: Did you end up going with Cle Tile?

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I still want to but I haven’t ordered it yet :sweat_smile: the contractor had to do lots of demo which took forever around the holidays, and rough plumbing just went in! Hoping to order tile this week :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Eeee keep us posted! I might get some samples for a project I’m working on, in which case I will post my thoughts here haha.

Okaaaay Daniela you’re going to freak out!!! The tile is going in AS WE SPEAK and I want to cry just looking at it it’s so good. I will return with a picture when its done. teaser :sweat_smile: