Do you ever paint/install wallpaper?

Hi - I am new to the forum and was hoping for some guidance. I have done a number of room makeovers for friends which has encouraged me to give it a go as a side hustle. I have found a lot of resources for design. Does anyone ever do painting/wall papering/installing focal walls. Does anyone have any advice about working this into contracts, insurance you might need to get as a business for this and anything else I might not be thinking of? Your advice is much appreicated!

Hi Nicole! First off, welcome to our forum! Happy to have you here :slight_smile: I’ll share my experience here.

I offer mural paintings as an add-on to my design services, but I sort of treat them separately like two different jobs. Meaning I have separate rates and contracts for my decorating and mural work. I definitely recommend getting liability insurance if you’re doing larger painting jobs — especially if it’s for a commercial space. Most commercial spaces won’t hire you unless you can show your insurance just because there’s so much they can be liable for. Laws vary by state so I’d do a Google search and speak to one of the companies you find to figure out what type of insurance would work best for you. That’s what I did when I was looking around. You can also get insurance per project if you don’t want an annual policy. I used Thimble for that kinda stuff.

I don’t have any experience installing wallpaper so I can’t speak to that, but in general with this kinda stuff I think it’s worth weighing out the pros and cons of you offering those types of services (painting or wallpaper) vs. you recommending your client to someone who does that and/or supervising the contractors/installers while they handle that piece of the job. I hope this helps!