Curtains from Amazon?

Has anyone had any success with ordering curtains from Amazon? If so, any particular brand or storefront? I need 120" length panels. In addition, are there any other companies that sell inexpensive but nice curtains that are 120" length? Some of these Amazon prices seem really good and the big box stores seem to be limited in their panel size ranges; 120" are hard to find + are super expensive.

Hi @selenawyant!
I bought some lovely velvet curtains from Amazon back in 2021 :hugs:! Mine are not 120" but I checked and they do make that size! The quality is great for such an insanely good price.
Not sure if you’re looking for velvet specifically but here’s the ones I got- Velvet Curtains


Oh, thank you so much for the rec!! I adore velvet. Of course, there is only one in stock in the color I want. LOL! BTW - is this your house? Absolutely love the curtain color!

Ugh story of my life with the perfect color being out of stock :smiling_face_with_tear:
This is my house! Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I ordered these last year
not 120 but 40 by 95 in blush pink, no complaints :slight_smile:

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