Best paint for cabinets?

We’re in the midst of a house hunt and while I recognize I am getting way ahead of myself :sweat_smile: every house we look at I find myself day dreaming about renovating the kitchen right off the bat and the common denominator is that the cabinets are OK but I’d definitely want to paint them.
Anyone here have experience with painting cabinets?

Ok, the short answer from me is no :joy: BUT! we are in the middle of renovating our home and I asked our general contractor about this because the current paint on our cabinets is chipping and looks, well… really bad. He said his #1 piece of advice is that no matter what paint you use you have to use hardener. That’s what keeps the paint intact with heavy wear and tear over time. Not sure if it’s helpful, but sharing just in case!

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@mollylennan I have had a lot of success with Ben Moore Advance in Satin for painted cabinetry. I haven’t used it on a full kitchen, but it’s what I use on all our interior doors and trim and recently used it to paint our medicine cabinets. It’s definitely a tough paint. You need to wait 24 hrs in between coats and it takes several days to fully cure. It’s somewhat self-leveling so you get a really clean looking finish.

I have also heard great things about Liquid Sandpaper / Sander Deglosser to prep for repainting old cabinets before you prime and paint. I’d definitely recommend Kilz or Stix as the primer before repainting cabinets as well.

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