Best paint brand for interior walls?

Anyone who knows me knows the first thing I do when I move into a space is paint. It’s also the first thing I tend to do when I want to refresh a space, get bored with a space, etc. I’m addicted to paint! But it just dawned on me as I’m shopping around for window trim paint that I’m not really loyal to one specific paint brand. So I’d love to know, what are your favorite paint brands to use and why? Are there any brands that you’re loyal to?

On the flip side, are there paint brands you dislike?

Edit: How many times can a girl say paint in one paragraph?! :laughing: PAINT.


Not for walls, but for kitchen cabinets we used country chic paint. It’s a bit expensive but it’s a nice matte finish so good for furniture and window trim. Checkout this pink kitchen in my Airbnb Reno. :two_hearts: (I blame bad camera and lighting - looks much cuter in person :yum:)


This bubblegum pink color is so perfect! I haven’t heard of Country Chic paint before. Where did you find it? How is the matte holding up in the kitchen? I know that can be tricky with fingerprints but I love the feel of matte so much.

I don’t know that I’m loyal to it, but I pretty much only use Behr. Mainly just because of convenience though because we live very close to a home depot and my local hardware store also carries it!
In the past, if I wasn’t crazy about their colors for my project, I’ve looked at swatches from other companies and then had them color match at the paint desk! :blush:

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It’s so pricey, but unfortunately I do think Farrow & Ball’s quality sets it apart from the rest. Sometimes we will buy a gallon of F&B for the first coat and then color match it with Sherwin for the subsequent coats to save money. (Those two are my two favorite brands.)

I know you’ve had some experience with Backdrop paint @danielaaraya – what did you think? I’ve always been curious.

Found it on Amazon and it’s holding up pretty well actually (it’s been 1.5 years) I’ll ask about the fingerprint issue but I haven’t heard any complaints otherwise. Another pro is that you don’t need to sand the surface down all the way and just use a brush to paint. (the previous color was a dark blue!)
Also speaking of window trim, I’m obsessed with the idea of a hot pink window trim or fuchsia. I guess I saw it somewhere or just daydreamed but either way, let me know what you end up going with!

I want to hear more about this Farrow & Ball color match trick! So the last layer you use on your walls ends up being Sherwin? Is it just the finish that makes F&B so nice? I’ve seen it in a few houses in person and I love that matte feel it has to it. @isalyn is that what you have in your living room? We color matched F&B at the cabin and I’m happy with the results, but I can’t tell if it’s missing that special luxe feel that F&B paint tends to have.

Okay yes, lots of thoughts on Backdrop. I really like them! They are expensive, which is not ideal, but I love that they have some really bright and unique punchy colors that I can’t find in stores. Before I painted my kitchen Backdrop’s Stromboli Chess Club color, I got a color match sample at Lowes and I surprisingly could tell the difference! I ended up going with the real deal at Backdrop. Their paint is low-VOC and doesn’t smell to me at all when I’m painting which is another thing I like about it. We’ve used it a lot in the past and it always holds up well.

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That’s so nice that you don’t need to sand down the cabinets because that is so time consuming. And omg yes, I am VERY pro colorful window trim and hot pink would be so fun. I’m leaning towards a very bright red :boom: Here is my Vizi! Decisions will be made soon — I will keep you posted!!


It looks great! Country Chic does have limited variety in colors tho :confused:

If you’re looking for a really good objective comparison between paints this is a great video. He compares coverage and durability and puts them to the test.

I have become a loyal Farrow & Ball customer. I really didn’t want to be as I’m usually incredibly budget, but the quality is worth the splurge IMO — particularly if using rich or dark colors or in rooms with a lot of natural light.

Farrow & Ball uses pigment instead of dye to color their paints and IMO you can really tell the difference (you can even see the pigment specs in the can before mixing). I’ve gotten my fair share of color matches at other paint stores and can always tell the difference. Each room we have Farrow & Ball changes color pretty dramatically throughout the day in the best way. I personally also love that their catalog is limited, it really helps with decision overload.

Re: Farrow & Ball paint finishes… I use Modern Emulsion on the walls (it’s relatively matte finish and wipeable, truly a dream!), Estate Emulsion on the ceilings, and Estate or Modern Eggshell on the trim. Word to the wise, do not use Estate Emulsion on your walls for high traffic areas. I used it once and really regretted it (finger prints on finger prints). Modern Emulsion really holds up to wear and tear on our dining room walls. They have a new Dead Flat finish that has zero sheen but is apparently also washable that I have yet to try. Pro tip: They say you have to use their primer if you use their paint (“it won’t adhere”), but I use Ben Moore’s Fresh Start as my base (tinted dark if using a darker color) and have never had any issues.

This all said, I don’t think Farrow & Ball is worth the price point for whites or really light colors. I would definitely go with a color match for these if you fall in love with the color swatch.

When I don’t use Farrow & Ball, I use Ben Moore Aura for interior walls. Mainly because this is the brand our local hardware store sells. I’ve tried all the Ben Moore lines and landed on Aura (a few bucks more than their other lines) because it’s really thick and I like how it goes on. Sometimes I can even get away with a single coat. I use Matte on the ceiling, Matte or Eggshell on walls, and Satin on trim and built ins. For kitchens and baths, they have an Aura Bath & Spa line that’s a wipeable matte finish and is also mold resistant. I’ve unfortunately had multiple leaks in my kitchen during storms and have had zero damage to our painted shiplap, the water just wipes right off (miracle!).


Hi! I love changing up the paint too. We just renovated our house and finally got our walls painted. It looks soooo much better!

We really wanted to use non-toxic, no VOC paint and so we were originally planning to go with a company called ECOS paint. We really like them and they have a paint match program as well (last time we bought “Hale Navy”).

However, we had some timeline issues with our paint subcontractor and ended up going with Benjamin Moore’s Eco Spec paint. Fun fact, Benjamin Moore also has a paint match service and we were able to get it in “True Black” for the doors, cabinets and some trim as well as “Swiss Coffee” for the walls. It is also no-VOC and non-toxic and we are loving it!

ECOS Paints is a cool company that has a lot of awesome solutions with their paint. For example, if you have mold, there’s a paint that locks it away. If you have a house that a smoker once smoked in, there’s a paint for dealing with that too. Or if you want air scrubbing and purifying paint, they have that too. I really like them and hope to use them in the future!

ECOS Paints


Woah! I’ve never heard of ECOS Paints before, but that is awesome that their paint locks away some serious situations. Thanks for sharing! Do they sell paint swatches or sample cards?

Would love to see some photos of your home with the Ben Moore colors!

This is SO HELPFUL. I’ll be referencing this thread any time I go and buy paint now.

Follow-up questions on Farrow & Ball: You mention Estate Emulsion and the fingerprints, but how does Modern Emulsion hold up on finger prints? Do you see the fingerprints but then can wipe them off? Or does it not even attract the fingerprints? I also had no idea that they recommend a primer for their paints. That’s good to know about Ben Moore.

Farrow & Ball doesn’t offer designer trade discounts, do they?

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Great questions! I don’t notice finger prints on our Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion painted walls at all. The only time I’ve had to wipe them is if we ever have food or drink spills and these wipe right up without a mark.

Whereas on our den walls with Estate Emulsion, not only do fingerprint or oil stains show easily, they do not go away if you try and wipe the wall. Wiping it makes it worse. I can’t wait til the rest of my house is “done” and I have the energy to move out all the furniture from our den and repaint it with Modern Emulsion.

I plan to use the new Farrow & Ball Dead Flat on an upcoming Ikea Pax hack. Stay tuned!

Ooooo this is good! I’ve been eyeing Farrow and Ball Inchyra Blue and it looks so different in all the photos and each one is so beautiful but that price point is real rough. Very intrigued by additional layers of Sherwin Williams. I have been looking for a nice teal and liked Vining Ivy from Glidden but the quality doesn’t look great and I can’t find any real home photos. I had Sherwin williams for a Hunter Green color and it was a great experience putting it on. Great coverage!

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Amazing work! Love love love! :heart_eyes:

Thanks Stephanie, another Airbnb coming soon @interior_shinterior :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: