Microcement vs tadelakt plaster shower

Wondering if any of you have worked with microcement and know of a source with good color options? I’d love to do tadelakt plaster in our showers but reading it is not for beginners and since we’re doing it ourselves I’m leaning towards microcement.

@dianafarberov I might be confusing convos, but did you have experience with plaster?!

oooh sadly no experience personally with plaster. i do know its great generally in bath spaces since it has a slight gloss so water will roll off better but not positive about microcement. i feel like its done a lot in the southwest!

Regular plaster isn’t great for wet areas but tadelakt has a slightly different composition and a specific sealing process with wax and oil which also needs regular maintenance. I love the look and the texture but alas, I think it is going to be too $$ for us since it requires an installer with experience. Adobe is a somewhat similar finish used a lot in the SW, not sure about microcement.

Just saw this post and thought of your project! Lone Fox by Drew Michael Scott on Instagram: "Yes I did plaster over my bathroom tile (and walls and ceiling)! 🤩 Going through the work of ripping out all the tile, dry walling and refinishing the shower sounded AWFUL and not to mention expensive. I used this product called concretta by @meodedpaint that’s made to go over the top of tile (not sponsored)! I troweled it on, smoothed it with a sponge and repeated! Sanded in the end for a smoothe finish and it’s totally waterproof! Send this to someone who hasn’t tackled their bathroom makeover yet, maybe it can spark an idea! 💪🏻😂 #smallbathroom #bathroommakeover #diy"


Thanks! I haven’t heard of that brand before, though if I have to ask how much it costs it’s probably out of my budget :joy:.