Symmetry + Furniture

Hey Spoak fam!

I’m looking for some advice and opinions. I live in a split-level one bedroom in which most of the living room (read: only room) is windows on one side and three sets of double doors evenly spaced out to make up the other wall. They look like 90’s front doors aka not cute and come complete with doorknobs and deadbolts. The room is longer than it is wide and there’s an awkwardly placed column that delineates(ish) the entranceway from the living room.

I love rearranging my space and have usually aligned my furniture symmetrically with either the doors themselves or the small wall space between them. Has anyone else faced this weird issue where there’s so many unusual or unnecessary lines and shapes to work around? I’ve thought of removing the doorknobs to make it easier to sit on that side of the room but I’m renting and unsure if they’ll easily reattach. Here’s a quick pic for reference. I’ve recently thought about shifting the plant hooks to be anchors for a hanging shelf that sits midway at the door instead of lining the wall with tables.

Any help or fun discussion is welcome!