LGBTQ+ creatives

As we round out Pride month, I’d love to hear about any LGBTQ+ designers/makers/artists who inspire you or whose works you enjoy. Let’s share and support!


Love this, @coritadrus ! A few that I’ve been a long time follower/admirer are

  • sgardnerstyle - I love her use of dark colors and the personality in each and every one of her projects, I always know a post is hers before I even see the handle!

  • renovationhusbands - they can literally do no wrong and also every project is so entertaining to watch

  • hommeboys - I’ve been obsessed since their #oneroomchallenge back in 2019. The whole process was captivating and the result is something I find myself coming back to all the time.

Would love to hear other recs!


Ooooo great topic

Noz Nozawa too! and such a fantastic designer.

I’ll add a few more