What cool brands/makers are you loving? ❤️

In the spirit of sharing, I thought creating a list of brands we’ve recently discovered and are loving would be a fun exercise for all of us design folks. Shine a spotlight on your favorite brands/makers below!!

Here are some of mine :slight_smile:

  • Tulip is making me wish I had a boob light to cover up
  • Plank Hardware has the cutest hardware at a reasonable price. I just ordered a couple of squiggle ones!
  • Hotel Ceramics sells chunky mugs I simply adore

Reply with yours below!

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Currently obsessed with the art of Lisa Krannichfeld :heart_eyes: Shop – lisa krannichfeld


Ooooh I am loving those interior ones! So vibrant. Is it watercolor?

I believe so! The rest of this is because I need 20 characters.

SO many to share! I am going to start with a two ceramicists:

  • Beginner Ceramics - I met Jesse from Beginner Ceramics at Shoppe Object this year. He is Brooklyn based. I am really digging the fun yet sophisticated style of his pieces.
  • Chad Cates - Speaking of fun yet sophisticated, Chad is a local Hudson Valley maker. I love his ceramic lamp bases.

OMG I just found this artist :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: BE FERNANDEZ | Blanca (@befernandezart) • Instagram photos and videos

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The talent here! Omg these colors are incredible.

My friend who did a class inside my house several years back makes the most beautiful macrame

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I think the link you dropped is broken! But I would love to see!! :heart: