Introductions 👋

Hi everyone! I’ll do the honors and get us started with introductions. I’m Daniela, Spoak’s Content & Community Director. You will see a lot of me around here, virtually speaking. In the real world, I’m based in upstate New York, where I split my time between Hudson and the Western Catskills, with my husband and our Basset Hound.

I joined Spoak as a member in 2020 when I was searching for a path into the interior design industry, and haven’t looked back since. Now I work here! :slight_smile: I love interior design and have always been drawn to design magazines, which is how I started my career in NYC. For the last few years, my husband and I have been renovating our cabin upstate (mostly) by ourselves, and it has been a whirlwind! If anyone wants to talk renovation woes, I’m your girl. Design-wise, I gravitate towards color and pieces that quite literally brighten up a space or start up a conversation. Other random facts about me: I’ll never shy away from painting a room, I have a weird obsession with alligators (Florida girl here), and I love the smell of a new book.

Some emojis I’d use to describe myself are :cowboy_hat_face: :dizzy: :hot_pepper: :art: :cocktail:. I’m not quite sure what I’d label my design style as, but my Spoak Sign is a Lynx, and one time someone referred to my home as rainbow confetti — I’m not mad about it. :rainbow:

What about you? Introduce yourself below!


Hi everyone!! Like Daniela, I am also a Spoak staffer, so you’ll see a lot of me too. I’m Ari, Spoak’s Senior Growth Marketing Manager. I’m based in the Las Vegas mountains.

Here’s some quick TL;DR about me:

    1. I joined Spoak in the summer of '23.
    1. Miyazaki is my biggest design/art influence. Magical moody whimsy is my jam.
    1. I’m a fresh transplant to Vegas but originally from Texas.
    1. I grew up as employee #2 of a full scale family renovation business. Electric, plumbing, carpentry, HVAC… I’ve done a little of everything.
    1. My ideal design style is on a spectrum between gothic maximalism and forest princess core.

I’m so excited to meet everyone and can’t wait to read your intros!


Hi friends! I’m Molly, also on the Spoak team as the Customer Experience Manager since August '23! Have a question about how to make the most out of Spoak or stuck somewhere? I’m your gal!

As a lover of design and an obsession with finding the best tech to get things done, Spoak caught my attention and I’ve been obsessed ever since.
I’m currently based in Denver, CO but exploring other areas and hoping for a big move in the near future- Send me inspo! :eyes:

My design style was most recently described as “weird, but in a pretty way” and I’m standing by that! :hugs:

Give me all the funky, dimensional artwork and the most unique, obscure plant you can find. I love to chat color theory and play with unexpected color combos! Also, books definitely count as decor, bonus points for fantasy :woman_fairy:

Can’t wait to meet you!


Hi everyone! I’m Madison and joined Spoak because I’m a self made interior designer with no schooling. :grinning: I liked the idea of a community with like-minded individuals that could teach me new things from their experiences. I also loved the tools and lessons Spoak provides. I’m based on Long Island in New York. I’ve done many projects on the east end of Long Island like Westhampton and East Hampton.

Spoak has really impressed me with all their improvements and opportunities they come up with as time goes on. The best decision I ever made was joining Spoak. I look forward to more connecting and hopefully getting to meet some of you in person !

Some things I love:

  • traveling (get lots of inspiration from travels and tons of fun) I’ve been to 28 countries !
  • photography
  • my style is calm , zen, healing, earthy
  • I can really adapt my designs to what a client wants in any situation . I like to think every house has its own personality and I try to make the whole house cohesive to it’s personality.
    -meditation and yoga/Pilates is my peace :peace_symbol:

Look forward to connecting and getting to know more of you guys !


Hey everyone! I’m Kate, and I joined Spoak when my partner Vic and I bought our first home in April 2022. I work in the architecture/interior design industry (on the marketing side) so I’m constantly surrounded by amazing design(ers) but rarely get to dive into the nitty gritty details myself - which is why I love Spoak as a creative place to :sparkles: play :sparkles:

I’ve met so many amazing folks through the Slack community and I’m excited to see how this space will take off. The Spoak team never ceases to amaze me!

My style is a bit funky, a bit vintage, a lot of natural stone, wood, and moody textiles. My current home is Spanish-inspired (though it was built in 2000) so I’m leaning a bit more gothic romantic than I ever have before (hello iron?) and having a blast doing it.

See you in the threads!


Madison! Thank you for introducing yourself to the group and for the very kind words about Spoak. I’m so happy you’re enjoying your time here :slight_smile: I’m hopeful for some IRL community meetups in the future and will definitely keep you posted if we have something in the works around NYC.

What’s your favorite country that you’ve traveled to? 28 countries is incredible :astonished:

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Kate, I’m so happy to see you in here! I adored our conversations in Slack and our virtual hangs, and I’m also excited to see how things evolve in here. More friendships in 2024! :tada: What’s the latest on your house projects? I would love to see some pics!


Awww Daniela!! The feeling is so mutual!

We finally got permits to redo two of our bathrooms after waiting for many months, so right now we have them both down to the studs. :grimacing: Our contractor is starting up work, probably in the New Year. We just picked plumbing fixtures last night and it was so much more difficult than I anticipated!

Now I’m focused on the mirror… Is the organic shape too trendy? Will I hate it in 5 years??? Would love your thoughts.


That is SO exciting!!! I love the direction of your mood board. You’re probably asking the wrong person because I am obsessed with anything that is organic/wobbly/wavy :laughing: but IMO no, not too trendy. This blob shape feels more organic than a fad. I mean, really if you don’t like it in 5 years, it’s a fairly inexpensive thing to change up in the future (compared to other more “permanent” costs like tile). I’d say if you’ve been thinking about the mirror for a while — and it makes you happy — and you can’t find anything else that you’d prefer to hang there, then go for it!

Btw did you land on those Cle Tiles??

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Hey everyone, loved reading all your intros. I’m Sona ~ an aspiring interior designer.
I’m a software consultant by profession but really want to switch to interior design long term. I stumbled upon Spoak maybe 5 months ago and love getting involved more and more whether it’s through the design challenges or the conversations. :clinking_glasses:
Fun facts about me: I am traveling and living in my camper van I bought this year - thanks to my remote job. :minibus:
I have also renovated 3 airbnb apartments from scratch and love to soak up the compliments guests leave as reviews. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m drawn towards a lot of different design styles: colorful eclectic modern, japandi and zen, vintage apothecary vibes… @danielaaraya fellow Lynx
I would love to be even more involved if there are volunteering/interning opportunities part-time at Spoak.
Thanks for bringing this great platform to us and for the frequent updates, cheers!


Sona! I’m so happy to have you in our corner of the internet, and this is so sweet of you to say :heart: We should find time to connect in the new year.

Also, how freaking cool that you are living in a camper van right now! Living the dream!! Where abouts are you now? Is it as luxurious as it sounds?

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Definitely! Who knows, I might end up driving to NY :slight_smile:
I wouldn’t use the term luxurious but it’s still awesome to be able to go wherever you want whenever. I’m finally doing all my bucket list national parks without having to wait for long weekends. 10/10 would recommend!
I’m in San Diego at the moment :sunny: :surfing_woman:

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Ah I’m so envious! I love road tripping so I think I would enjoy bopping around in a camper van. Excited to hear more about it in the new year. Enjoy it! :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone! My name is Ezada and I’m an aspiring interior designer. By day, I work as a teacher’s aide in a pre-k classroom. I received a certification in interior design from the New York Institute of Art and Design in 2022 and started my own business in 2023. I joined Spoak to learn more about the business side of interior design and grow my business.

I’ve already learned a lot about marketing and branding and look forward to any and all other classes that may be offered :slightly_smiling_face:

My personal design style is bright and vintage with lots of florals and lace (Yes I do indeed love Bridgerton. How did you know?). I also love aesthetic styles like whimsigoth and floral academia. My dream is to live in the Owens house from Practical Magic.

I look forward to meeting other designers!


Welcome, Ezada! I’m so happy you found your way to Spoak :slight_smile: Congrats on launching your biz this year — that’s huge! I spearhead the content and school initiatives here at Spoak, so I have to ask: Is there a specific topic or course you are craving right now? It would be helpful to know as I plan for the year ahead.

Your design style has me thinking I need to introduce you to one of our members who is also into florals and lace and all things gothic design! :eyes: Are you based in New York??

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I’m always open to meeting other designers! I currently live in Niagara Falls, NY

In regards to classes, I’m not sure if this is already available but I think a class dedicated to learning how to combine design styles would be beneficial especially if you have married clients that like completely different styles i.e. one likes Victorian but their partner likes Scandi.


Cool! Hello from Hudson, NY :wave:

That isn’t currently a class but would be a great addition to what we have in this chapter of BeSpoak School here: Types of Design Styles | Bespoak School — I’ll keep it mind!

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Hi everyone! My name is Lizzie, and I joined Spoak to help kickstart my new design biz. I have been a blogger, graphic designer and marketer for 10+ years, and have worked with several interior designers. I’ve always loved decor and design, and it really hit a fever pitch when my husband and I purchased our first home, a historical fixer upper in Chicago.

In 2022 I transitioned my blog and graphic design studio to an online home goods and lifestyle shop, and now am getting ready to make the plunge and take on interior design clients as well.

My design style is a mix of vintage, mid-century modern, traditional, and colorful, whatever the heck that is. Can’t wait to meet more design lovers and get more involved in this community!


Hi everyone!

My name is Anwen, and I joined Spoak around Christmas of 2020 or 2021 (I can’t remember). My interest in design and architecture started with the Sims when I was 12 or 13 and it blossomed from there. My dad actually paid for my first year of premium as a Christmas present before I graduated from college.

I went to school for Strategic Communication and Media. I now work at a nonprofit residential treatment facility for at risk, dependent, and delinquent youth as the Marketing Coordinator.

On the side, I am always sharing and creating designs. I plan to eventually earn my masters in Interior and Architectural Design, but as of now I am too poor in this economy to pay for grad school so I run an Etsy shop on the side selling merch with my photography and graphic design skills.

Can’t wait to make new friends here, and more than happy to be a marketing resource.

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Hi Lizzie! It’s great to meet you. Don’t be shy to post photos or questions about your fixer upper in the Renovations category (read: our team is nosy about any design renos and loves to chat about them haha) :wink: