In search of interior design contract template

I have an urgent need for a good contract template. Can anyone advise? Thank you!

Have you checked out our Contracts, Pricing, and Pricing course in BeSpoak School? We don’t provide an actual template (because legally we aren’t able to! :broken_heart:), but there’s a really helpful breakdown on what should be included in an agreement. It’s a nice starting point! Once you have a template you’re happy with, we always recommend finding a lawyer to look over everything. You can also find legal help on Upwork!

It’s been a while I’ll look at it again. I had AI give me a “template” but I’m not sure legally and tbh, until someone actually pays me I’ve no funds to have a lawyer do anything. I can’t even get a website or finalized logo at this point it’s been a very rough couple of years.

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@kateseymour I.Feel.This.

I saw your previous posts, so I am just going to share a few things I incorporated into my business life thus far. Some may be of help to you.

I must disclose that I did get “certified” as a decorator. It was definitely an expense but I appreciate having it. There are different variations of certifications out there, so if you do take a course, make sure the program/cert ends up giving you a card/certification number. Definitely not required, but some companies may require a cert number for trade programs.

*Check your state laws; they are all different but for me (if I recall correctly) FL does not require a formal license in decorating to create a business as a DBA (X name doing business as X company name). Anything dealing with architecture (formal design) will need a formal license. Companies offering trade discounts typically won’t do business with “anyone”, so by having a DBA (and/or cert), it could help you get signed up. I believe you can use your social instead of an EIN number when signing up for trades discounts(?). Side note: As I am not a lawyer (insert regret career choices now, lol), please, please, please, do your research between DBA and LLC, there are liability and operational differences!! LLC rules will also change in 2024 concerning operations and paperwork submission.

*Logo: Sign up for CANVA 30-day free PRO trial. You can create a logo there for free; just be sure to cancel the free trial before you get charged. The pro gives you access to many elements the free version doesn’t. But, the free version of CANVA can give you several options. I did this, and even took photos of my house and mocked some images up in CANVA for my website.

*Website: IMPO…Consider just using your spoak link as your web page until you are ready to set up a simple web page. I wouldn’t get swayed too much on this. I’ve seen so many small business owners just use their social page for their business due to overhead and operational maintenance on websites. I certainly did this until I rolled out my one-page site. And to be honest, I have all my web links to my spoak design page anyways, LOL!

I hope this helps you in some sort of way! Totally in your corner and wish you to be a successful business owner!!


Thanks Selena :pleading_face: I do want to get a certification, but just can’t swing it at the moment. I do think I need a license soon, but so far everyone I’m talking to is out of state so that seems to be working in my favor for the moment. I am an LLC taxed as an S-Corp so that adds a layer of difficulty.

I have Canva, but I started a logo already. Unfortunately, before I could fine-tune it I had some issues with the folks making it and had to stop. It’s so close too! Also, I don’t have the money to trademark it so I’m afraid to use it… maybe I’m overthinking it?