About the NCIDQ, has anyone taken this certificate?

Hello everyone!

Does anybody know about the NCIDQ certificate? What are your insights on this? Is it mandatory in all states in the US? My husband and I are open to new opportunities preferably in Canada, although we’re open to the US as well, and I’ve seen that most job listings mention this certificate as either mandatory or a plus when applying.

I know that to be successful in the interior design industry at least in Mexico is not mandatory to have an education background or license. Still, I’m not sure if it’s the same in the US or Canada so I’d appreciate if anybody could provide some guidance on this.

Happy start to the week & month!

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I don’t have any direct experience with this but asked a friend of mine about it!
She got a degree in Interior Design in San Diego, but does not have her NCIDQ certificate. She’s super successful now here in Colorado and has a deep log of clients who really love her so a lot of her business now comes from word of mouth.
Back to NCIDQ! She mentioned that some firms will actually pay for you to get the certificate if you’re a good fit! And also that if you already have it it’s a huge leg up in the job search for more serious firms. Her friend (lol friend of a friend of a friend :sweat_smile:) just got certified last year after 4 attempts but it sounds like it was very worth it for the jobs she was looking for.

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Thank you, Molly, for your input on this. It sounds like it might be helpful depending on the kind of job I’m looking for. It may be worth trying to see if I can start it from here in Mexico.