Hound Paint-Is it worth the purchase?

Hi! I noticed that the Spoak membership includes discounts to Hound Paint, however, I was curious to see if anyone has an experience to speak on since purchasing from the brand. I would love to purchase samples and then a gallon, because their color options are stunninggg!!! I am sooo obsessed with their emerald and lavender options.

What are your thoughts on Hound Paint? How was your experience when purchasing from them? Where would you rank them compared to other commonly used paint brands? Was it a great experience overall, or was there certain aspects of the customer experience that could use improvement?

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :tulip:

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Hi @stephaniemora ! I agree - Hound Paint has some AMAZING color options! I have used them a few times and have had very positive experiences.

I love how they are similar to Farrow & Ball with a limited color selection that all jives really nicely together. I used Heart Beet most recently and it is stunning!

I’ve used both the Matte and Eggshell finishes. I find Hound Paint to be very thick paint with a lot of coverage. I’d say it feels similar to Ben Moore Aura in terms of how it goes on the wall. I didn’t have any issues with the paint, so can’t speak to their customer service really other than it was an easy purchasing experience.

The only reason I don’t use Hound Paint more often is because I am not the best planner, so I’m often getting paint the same day from the hardware store and going with Ben Moore because that’s what they sell.

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