What are your favorite design books?

I’m in dire need of some inspiration and sometimes a physical book scratches the itch for me a little better than scrolling (for hours :crazy_face:) on pinterest. Would love to hear what you all recommend or would reach for at the book store when it comes to interior design books or anything else that you think might help with an inspiration slump :pray:
What I already own:
Styled by Emily Henderson
Call it home by Amber Lewis
Mario Buatta: Anatomy of a Decorator by Emily Evans Eerdmans

I recently discovered this book called Loft Law. It’s not exactly a book about design but it has incredible photos from artists in NYC who are still in their rent stabilized lofts from the 1980’s. It’s full of my favorite kind of interior inspiration: open floor plan sun-drenched artist lofts :drooling_face:

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I’m a fan of the country ones because I live in the country :slight_smile: Some of my favorites, depending on your country/cabin/beach/rural living flavor:

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Great question! My all-time favorite design books:

  • Haute Bohemians - An oldie but a goodie. I return to this book time and time again when I need inspiration. It’s full of bold, colorful eclectic yet tasteful homes from around the world. Highly recommend.
  • The Devol Book of Kitchens - The kitchen gods published a book. Need I say more?
  • Nomad at Home - Hilary Robertson’s new (ish) book. The homes are stunning, but the story telling is just as good.
  • Marimekko: The Art of Printmaking - Not an interiors book, but inspiring nonetheless. Especially if you love the pop art style Marimekko is famous for.

On a similar note, when I need to feel inspired, my go-to show that I rewatch time and time again is Netflix’s Abstract: The Art of Design. This is anything but an HGTV home show. Each episode follows a designer in a different field. You don’t need to watch them in order. My favorites are: Es Devlin (Stage Design), Bjarke Ingels (Architecture), and Ilse Crawford (Interior Design).

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