Semi-Wet Bar Conversion

We converted a vintage record cabinet into a semi wet bar. We tiled one of the inside sections and added a drain so it could become an ice bucket and there is space for nine water bottles, six stemware glasses, loads of other glassware, liquor, bottles, etc… there is a flap in the back where you can put something to catch the water when it drains from the ice bucket and it’s on wheels so it’s easy to access


Wine bottles not water bottles :joy:

This is so fun!!! @isalyn this DIY feels very up your alley.

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Thanks! It took way longer than we expected so it’ll definitely be a one-of-a-kind. Now we just need to sell it :sweat_smile:

Wow. This is so inspiring @kateseymour! Immediate wheels turning on how to recreate this. We opted to not spend the money to put plumbing in our bar and sometimes wish we did. The tile, drain and bucket is genius!


Yes! A lot of people could use a semi-wet bar. If you have the cabinetry you could just put in a sink that drains to a bucket, no tiling needed.