Cork flooring pros and cons? Favorite vendors / brands?

i am new to cork flooring but i want to give it a try for our basement (given that it’s eco-friendly, soft, and most of the cons relate to it fading in sunlight, which blessedly in my basement will not be an issue…)

have any of you used cork flooring before? if so, any words-to-the-wise? and what are your favorite brands/vendors for it for me to source from??

thank you in advance!!

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A while back I designed a small podcast recording space and actually opted for cork flooring! I knew nothing about it prior to this order, but it was pretty cost effective and significantly reduced noise — which is probably not a problem you’re trying to solve in the basement, but worth mentioning anyway :slight_smile: I ordered from Floor & Decor.

I have zero experience with cork flooring BUT I once saw it used on an HGTV show (I can’t remember which) and they opted to use squares over rolls so that it was easy to replace one square at a time for future life messes. I’ve seen some people do checkerboard vinyl flooring and think it could be cool to apply that concept to cork if they make colored or stained cork.

I installed a floating cork floor in my kitchen (!) upstate. Essentially ‘seamless’ boards once in and snug.

It feels great, looks great, and an easy install on a level floor (did it in a day).

Maybe a year in, heavy traffic area + dog, and holding up well. Room gets ton of light, have not seen fading (but went with very light color).

I went with Cali bamboo which has stopped doing cork, but was also looking at icork. Choice ultimately came down to color/pattern we liked best from samples.

Come by and walk on it! Looks like I can only upload one image so:

Will take a better room shot this weekend!


Love this Jeff!! I got a recommendation for Aronson’s Floors so ordered a bunch of samples. Will report back how high quality they are :crossed_fingers:

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