List of contact info for those looking to partner/collab with brands. Drop yours here!

Fellow interior designers who are also “influencers”: Last year I was able to partner with a couple of brands I enjoyed working with. Mostly gifted collaborations on Tiktokt but thought I would share them along with their collab email contacts!

I know its hard to figure out how to reach out - who to contact but figure I can list mine here and if anyone has worked with any brands in the past we could share our contacts here?

Rug’s Direct:
Love Vs. Design:


Thanks for sharing, April! I just updated the title of your post for others to easily take action :slight_smile:

I love this concept! I wish I had more to share but Year & Day has been SUPER generous in terms of gifting in exchange for content and I feel like designers with gorgeous kitchens are ideal clientele.

Kendall is the best contact:

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