Hiring an interior designer

Hello! I’m looking to hire an interior designer/decorator to help style my 1 bed/1 bath 600 sq ft. apartment. I’ve never worked with a designer before and don’t totally know how to find one! I would love any advice or recommendations.

I’m a black queer woman in my early 30s and want to create a style that reflects that and mixes in some cozy bohemian and modern elements. I have a few ideas for pieces and flow but really need some help pulling it all together. I’m based in Brooklyn and would love to work with someone who could come and see the space in person but also open to virtual!

If you have advice on how to find a designer or have recommendations for someone to work with, I would love your help. Thank you!


Hi Jo! You’ve come to the right place :smiley: Ideally, you would want to work with someone who has done similar work or is interested in the vibe you’re going for in your budget of course. That being said, I am not in Brooklyn but I would love to help you design your boho-modern space virtually.
DMing you more details, cheers!


Hi Jo! Welcome to our community forum :slight_smile: We actually have a job fair for our members to apply to things like this. Check out this link for more info on how to post your listing. Like the page mentions, we aren’t an e-design company so we don’t manage the actual project, but we hope to connect designers with folks who are looking for help!

Do you have an Instagram page or folder with photos of your space? I know of a few designers in Brooklyn and can tag them in here if it’s a good fit!

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Thanks Sona! I’ll DM you back :slight_smile:

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Oh amazing, thank you so much Daniela! This is so helpful – I will for sure post in the job fair. Here is a Google folder with photos of the space as it is, as well as a doc with more info on the space and some inspiration for how I want to design. Let me know if you have any trouble with that link, or if you need any more info! Thanks for your help!


I love your inspo and can definitely see some of that vibe reflected in your current space. I also sent you a dm :slight_smile:

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