Help finding a rug similar to one from the Citizenry

This week has really been working my online shopping skills :sweat_smile: I found a rug that my client loves, but it is way too thin: Rani Flatweave Area Rug | The Citizenry

Been trying to find something similar but the pattern is unique in that it is not plaid, striped, checkered or geometric according to all of my searches lol - anyone have any tips or leads? The colors are so perfect plus it is just on the verge of being too busy for her but not quite so would give some good contrast but…it looks like a kitchen towel with how thin it is lol

Edited to show the mood board for context: Spoak

I love the rug you found - so understated while also being visually interesting and sophisticated. Not sure if this is helpful or not but every rug in my home is Revival, except for one custom one :sweat_smile:

These are a couple I saw that might fit the mood board:

These are pretty cool too! I searched “geometric neutral” on etsy:

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Thank youuu! I clocked a couple of those as well. I’ll show her but I think they will also be too thin for her - she specifically asked for a thicker rug. Considering this one now: Moroccan Handmade Rug ,beni Ourain Style Morocco Wool Berber Rug, Modern Rug, Hand Woven Rug, Azilal Berber Style Brown Levels Rug Morocco - Etsy

Edited: I also found this one which I absolutely love and absolutely know will be too much for this particular client: Hand Tufted 100% Wool Area Rug Hand Made Rug 5x8 6x9 7x10 8x10 9x12 9.6x14 Feet Large Area Rug Multi Colored - Etsy


Ooooh that last one is so tasty!!! Bookmarking that one! :laughing:

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I was literally just coming here to say that the last rug from Etsy is absolutely DELICIOUS. Guess I’m not the only one that thinks so :sweat_smile:

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I just want to touch it lol

We found a winner: Chris Loves Julia x Loloi Humphrey feat. CloudPile (TM) HUM-02 Contemporary / Modern Area Rugs | Rugs Direct