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Charging Clients: Beyond The Fees
Hello, this is an article about how I, a new remote designer, have all of the questions :slight_smile:

What is the best way to charge a client for space planning, designing, and product selection? Segmented payments by benchmark?
What benchmarks?
If I have a trade discount, am I supposed to pass it along to the client or charge them the regular price and keep the difference?
Do you charge differently if you are remote vs local?
How much do you think I need to pad into my quote to get a photographer to shoot the space after it is done?

I have an urgent need for a good contract template. Can anyone advise? Thank you!

Hi @kateseymour — awesome questions! I sent you a DM about why others might of missed this, but your posts are in the right place now so some answers should trickle in soon! :slight_smile: