Client Gifts - Ideas?

Hi! I finished my first big project (gut renovation of historic Tudor including 4.5 bathrooms) and would love some ideas for thoughtful end-of-project client gifts. They are a middle-aged couple with three grade school children. Any great ideas? Budget $100-150 (not a gift card and not alcohol).

Sounds amazing! Did you design any personal features in the home ie a space for playing games together, a special kid hideaway, art spot? If so maybe a nicer version of their favorite game(s), art/craft kits they can all do together. Or if they like to cook with the kids, something that helps them do that.

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What about a commissioned drawing of their home? I’ve seen a lot of talented artists on Etsy. @katewhite is also very talented and did an awesome sketch of my home! You could even have the family in the drawing and get a really nice frame for them to have in their home as a memento.

Was there anything memorable or nostalgic that you saved from the renovation?

Love Kate’s idea too for something special with the kids!

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What a fun question! I love @danielaaraya’s idea of a commissioned art piece of their home. Or a professional black and white photograph.

Here are some other ideas:

  • High end cutting board or serving tray (my realtor gifted us a really nice cheese board when I purchase my house and she had our house’s address engraved on the side)
  • A nice guest book and you can write the first entry (I love this one - Liberty Ciara Print Cotton Square Guest Book | Liberty)
  • Leather bound keychain with embossed initials

Thanks for the shoutout @danielaaraya !! yes house portraits are such a great custom gift and mine are right in your price range, @alannamurray ! feel free to reach out to chat about one :slight_smile: I love doing special little personal features like adding in pets, etc.

EDIT: also i f-ing LOVE tudors so i will be sooo overjoyed for an opportunity to draw another one hehe

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Awesome! They have the best dog ever and would love to include her in the sketch. I can’t figure out how to DM so please shoot me an email