November in Spoakland!

The Spoak team has been busy this past month launching new features to make designing your dream spaces easier than ever!

Here are some of the new things we’ve rolled out in November :sparkles:-

:memo:The ability to add custom line items to your shop list!

:money_with_wings:You can now set tax & markup %'s at a project level (in project settings for client projects.)

:scissors:Give your design life by adding custom finishes and then using the new Pattern Crop feature to get the image just right in Room Vizi!

:cherry_blossom:Get inspired and find specially curated Things on the For you Thingology page!

:paintbrush:Change the color of things in Spoak’s asset catalogue using Magic Paint

:film_projector:New to Spoak and not sure where you start? We’ve recently released a series of Getting Started with Spoak demo videos!

As always, follow along and see all the updates we’re making in our Change Log here!