Let's talk trends!

I’m curious about what you guys are loving/not loving right now!

So, what is your favorite :star_struck: design trend of the moment?
I love love love color washing and hope it doesn’t go away anytime soon. Richly painted doors and ceilings are such a mood!

What is your least :grimacing: favorite? Sound off on something you are seeing everywhere but just not feelin (get it off your chest, no judgement here)!
For me, it’s the tiny picture on a big wall, like above a bed, or in the middle of a bookcase. My brain has a visceral reaction to the weird scaling :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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After working with both Mexican & American markets I am totally obsessed with the current trends:
*Wavy furniture: including headboards, side tables, and bookshelves
*Terracotta tiles
*Home restoration over new builds
*Bouclé fabric for pillows and chairs
*Artisanal details

And the trends that are my least favorite are multiple iconic furniture pieces in a single space, which makes it look like a real-life design catalog rather than a cohesive design and all pieces in one room from the same brand, lacking diversity in design and style.