Favorite places to get medium and large frames for wall art?

My go-to is Framebridge, but I’d love some alternative options too for either framing it yourself or just more price points… Thank you!

I used Frame It Easy for a huge gallery wall project for a retail space a while back and I was SO impressed by the quality and the customer service!


Thank you for this tip!

I just ordered some frames from The Poster Club and they are beautiful! They don’t do custom sizing but they have a bunch of options.


For true budget and DIY framing, I have been pretty happy with Ikea frames in the past. They use plastic and not glass or plexi, but I’ve gotten custom glass cut to fit their frames and it’s still pretty budget all in. My favorite is the Hovsta line, but the Lomviken line also looks good.

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@isalyn where do you go for custom glass for picture frames? local glass store?

I used to go to local glass stores / cutters. BUT have recently discovered One Day Glass and have been very impressed with their pricing, quality, and delivery. I used them recently to order mirrored glass for custom medicine cabinets we are building.

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