Get press for your biz with these free resources from All You Need Method 💰

Hey everyone!

A big topic of conversation throughout my years in this community has been how to get more eyeballs on your interior design business. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the biz for a few years, getting press for yourself without an agency can feel seemingly impossible — but it doesn’t have to. I recently took a workshop with Carla and Kathryn from All You Need Method, a PR & brand strategy agency. Their guidance and approach to building up your brand/getting press was so helpful/refreshing.

And there’s good news for you :slight_smile: Spoak is partnering up with All You Need Method to spotlight some VERY useful resources going into the new year.

Below are FREE resources for you. Yes, free!!!

  • Small Business Planner — This guide was designed to help you get clarity on your business goals and feel more empowered to reach them
  • PR Plan Prep Series — A series of 3 video lessons and a PR Plan template to help you put pen to paper on your goals and planning so you can make the most out of potential press opportunities in the new year

To gain access to these resources, just click the links above. There’s more where that came from too! I’ll be sharing some more resources in the weeks to come.

:wave: Let me know below if you’ve downloaded them. I’d love to bring back our accountability group and work on these steps together as a little cohort if anyone is interested :nerd_face: