Best time to buy furniture

Thinking this community would be a great resource for this question brought up by a friend recently!
When do you buy furniture? :couch_and_lamp:
Do you just go out and get it when you need it? Do you wait for a sale?
Do you purchase by holiday? (Memorial day, Black Friday, etc?) Do you find that retailers have better sales for some holidays over others?
Do your favorite retailers allow you to stack holiday discounts with trade discounts?

Any and all insight into when to buy furniture is welcome! :pray:


Ah I’m always wondering when the best time to buy furniture is! I love my friend (and Spoak member!) Cristina Cleveland’s advice on this topic.

She says the best time of year to buy your “bang for your buck” piece of furniture is Black Friday. (A bang for your buck piece is anything that has a noticeable impact on your home—and is usually a type of furniture that is a wishlist item.) Black Friday seems to have some of the best furniture deals too, IMO.

I feel like I’m not very good at typing my big interior design purchases with big holiday furniture sales like Labor Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day, etc. but this is a great reminder to be more strategic about it!

I’ve noticed that a few brands that I have trade accounts email me extra deals in addition to the sale they’re already running, like Lulu & Georgia. (Mental note to plan my outdoor furniture purchases with a big pre-winter sale! :smiley:)

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